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Water is a truly remarkable substance. Not only does it sustain life and look beautiful, but it also has a tremendous ability to carry heat. Because water can hold such a massive amount of heat before reaching its boiling point, this makes it a great fluid for carrying heat around your home. This is exactly what hydronic heaters do: using hot water to provide heat to your home and keep you comfortable. There are several different types of hydronic heaters, and hydronic furnaces are quickly becoming popular due to their ease of installation and lower overall cost.

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We also work on the following brands: Rheem, Bosch, First Co. and specialize in work on these systems in general.

At John Owens Services, Inc., we take pride in being ready to handle any of your heating service needs, regardless of what type of equipment you have. Our highly-trained team specializes in Rinnai hydronic furnace systems, and can provide you with effective and long-lasting repair and installation solutions that meet your needs and keep you comfortable throughout the coldest days of the year. Is your system acting up on you? We’ll sort out the issue at the source rather than just fixing the symptoms. Looking for a greener and more eco-friendly alternative to your current furnace system? We can install one of these units in your home and make sure it’s working exactly as it should. We constantly hold ourselves to superior standards because we believe you deserve the best, and that means you’ll receive an experience that isn’t matched anywhere else when you trust your heating needs to us.

Learn more about hydronic furnaces and find out if one of these units is right for your needs by calling John Owens Services at 707-452-3464.

How Hydronic Furnaces Work

Hydronic heating solutions use water to transport heat, but not all types of hydronic heating use hot water in the same way. Radiative heating, including radiators and hydronic floorboard heating actually send the water through a long system of pipes installed throughout your home. Hydronic furnaces eliminate the need to install a giant network of pipes and instead use the heat from a supply of hot water to heat air that is then forced throughout your home by a blower fan. Think of it sort of like a heat pump, only instead of drawing heat from outside, these units use hot water from your water heater to heat your home.

You may want to consider installing a hydronic furnace if:

  • You’re tired of high energy bills
  • You want a safe, eco-friendly heating solution for your home
  • Your home doesn’t have a hydronic heating system installed (radiators or floorboards)

Hydronic heaters are wonderful because they don’t waste water, either. Once the water cycles through your heating element in the heat exchanger, it travels back to your water heater where it can be reheated and then sent back through your heating system or even used elsewhere, such as a shower or in one of your various sinks. Combining a hydronic heater with a tankless water heater can save you even more money by reducing your energy consumption and providing you with a potentially limitless supply of hot water to draw from!

There are a few things to note when considering installing a hydronic furnace system. If your furnace and water heater are installed next to each other, then you have the best-case scenario for installing one of these systems. If your systems are not installed next to each other, then you still can install one of these solutions, however you will also need to have a hot water and a water return line run from your heater to your furnace. For some, this may add an additional expense to the installation.

Learn more about bringing the power of Rinnai hydronic furnaces to your home! Contact John Owens Services now.

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